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Managed Health Facilities Offer More Personal Care


More medical centers are making the transition to becoming managed health care facilities. The biggest change in managed facilities is seen in the increased quality provided for patient care. Facilities such as Wishart Physio, provide a wide range of services for their patients. The philosophy behind this type of center holds to the principles of personal care. The staff employed by a managed health care facility is trained to provide the best service possible, which means they listen to the needs and concerns of the people they treat. This type of managed facility also attends to the health of their patients by combining exercise with diet.

Managed Health Care Services

This type of center could offer services such as massage therapy and spine adjustment. Both of these services are designed to improve the overall health of a patient by relaxing their muscles and aligning their bones. Tense muscles can lead to other injuries, which could include sprains and strains. Reducing the tension inside muscles not only alleviates the risk of more serious injuries, it also increases circulation, which makes the person feel better. Spinal adjustments can also get rid of pain due to pinched nerves or misaligned discs.

Rehabilitation After Surgery

A managed health care center such as Wishart Physio, also provides a range of services for people recovering from surgery. Rehabilitative services could apply to people recovering from spinal surgeries, as well as those individuals who have had hip, knee or joint replacements. The objective of this type of service is to increase the range of motion for the area that was repaired. In people who have had hip, knee or joint surgeries, the range of motion will be increased through the use of therapeutic procedures performed by skilled technicians. Rehabilitative services also help people recover faster after having major surgery.