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When faced with an injury or health condition, the first thing you do before visiting the hospital is deciding on the type of treatment that will work for you. Physiotherapy is one of the most popular treatment techniques used in achieving wellness in patients born with certain disorders or those that have acquired the disorders along the way. Physiotherapy tends to be very effective yet non-invasive and is hence very suitable for children and even the elderly. If you are in Mansfield and are looking for a physiotherapist, Vivo Physio is where you will get all your solutions. We are the expert physiotherapists in Mansfield.

Our Services
We offer a wide range of services. Most of our physio services are aimed at adjustment, correction or rehabilitation we help in rehabilitating your body so that it can resume its optimal functioning after you have undergone a surgery. In our correction procedures, we help you in achieving a correct body posture, to ease the body pains. We also have spinal and muscular checks and adjustments which helps in the treatment of a myriad of conditions. Also, for the athletes out there, we help in assessing damage caused by sports and treating any injuries, tears or sprains.

Why Choose Us?

We believe that honesty is the best policy. Therefore, we maintain a very high level of transparency throughout our service provision. Additionally, we help you avoid hidden costs by giving you a pricing for all our services beforehand.

Our team maintains a high level of professionalism. They are very friendly and will walk you through the whole process, making you understand every step and its importance.

Tailored Services
Our services are personalized such that they address the different needs of each and every person that visits our facility.

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Get Personal at VivoPhysiotherapy & Health Management



Get Personal at VivoPhysiotherapy & Health Management

VivoPhysiotherapy & Health Management offers professional health services in Upper Mount Gravatt, Queensland. The special clinic in this suburb of Brisbane, Australia provides health services specifically fit to an individual’s needs. The professional works with each individual on diagnosing their health issues and finding the best treatment for them.

The treatment philosophy of VivoPhysio is based on the belief that every individual has different needs and requires a personal diagnosis and treatment. The use of hands-on treatment has always been part of VivoPhisio’s basic healing therapy. Therapists use human touch methods of treatment, believing that there is great power in using this approach, rather than the use of machines.

In addition to physiotherapy, focus is on the specific body part causing the pain. Diet and exercise are also included as a part of the treatment plan. Along the way, the client is involved with their therapy so that they understand that they are always in control of what is being done to help them and they monitor their own continued progress. It is the goal of the founders of the clinic that their clients each receive a specialized and complete treatment plan.

The therapists that work at VivoPhysio are well educated and dedicated to their clients and finding the treatment plan that works best for each one. The staff has had special training in treating injury and chronic pain through exercise and an overall pain management.

The VivoPhysio clinic offers a number of services that include:
• Sport or work injuries
• Muscular checks and adjustments
• Posture corrections to eliminate pain
• Spinal checks and adjustments
• After-surgery treatment

The staff specializes in treatment of lower back pain, headaches, osteoarthritis, exercise and weight management and more. Therapists are trained to listen to the client and create a specific plan for each individual’s treatment. The program is well-respected, and seems to get results. Click on Upper Mount Gravatt Physio for more source.


Upper Mount Gravatt Physio Info


Physiotherapy is one of the best ways to treat injuries and illnesses. Physiotherapy will not only help in treating the injury, rather, it will help in eliminating the root cause of the injury so that the illness does not recur. When looking for a physiotherapist, there are many factors that you need to consider. Some of them are; credentials, accountability, client-engaging, competent and sociable. At Vivo Physio, we are these and more. Therefore, if you are in the area of Upper Mount Gravatt and are in need of the services of a physiotherapist, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Services

Postural Correction

Poor posture is one of the major causes of body pains. This is due to the strain or pressure impacted to some muscles in case of poor posture. We help correct your posture through exercises, manual adjustment and advice.

Sports or Work Injuries

We help in the treatment of injuries acquired when sporting or while at work.

Spinal Checks and Adjustments

Spinal cord can be the cause of many health issues if not well-cared for. We check for any issues of the spinal cord and help adjust them.

Muscular Checks

We also conduct muscular checks and adjust them accordingly to reduce or prevent muscle problems such as degeneration and tightness

Rehabilitation after Surgery

We help restore your body back to its optimal performance after surgery.

Why Choose Us?

Tailored Services

Our services are tailored to specifically meet your needs rather than to work for all our clients in general.

Non-Invasive Treatment

Our services are non-invasive. We only use exercises, advice, massages and manual adjustments in our treatments. This makes our services suitable for all people.

Visit us today and we will help you achieve whole body wellness, that is, physical and psychological. Learn more about Upper Mount Gravatt Physio come visit us at Vivophysio.com.au.


Managed Health Facilities Offer More Personal Care


More medical centers are making the transition to becoming managed health care facilities. The biggest change in managed facilities is seen in the increased quality provided for patient care. Facilities such as Wishart Physio, provide a wide range of services for their patients. The philosophy behind this type of center holds to the principles of personal care. The staff employed by a managed health care facility is trained to provide the best service possible, which means they listen to the needs and concerns of the people they treat. This type of managed facility also attends to the health of their patients by combining exercise with diet.

Managed Health Care Services

This type of center could offer services such as massage therapy and spine adjustment. Both of these services are designed to improve the overall health of a patient by relaxing their muscles and aligning their bones. Tense muscles can lead to other injuries, which could include sprains and strains. Reducing the tension inside muscles not only alleviates the risk of more serious injuries, it also increases circulation, which makes the person feel better. Spinal adjustments can also get rid of pain due to pinched nerves or misaligned discs.

Rehabilitation After Surgery

A managed health care center such as Wishart Physio, also provides a range of services for people recovering from surgery. Rehabilitative services could apply to people recovering from spinal surgeries, as well as those individuals who have had hip, knee or joint replacements. The objective of this type of service is to increase the range of motion for the area that was repaired. In people who have had hip, knee or joint surgeries, the range of motion will be increased through the use of therapeutic procedures performed by skilled technicians. Rehabilitative services also help people recover faster after having major surgery.